(Rhinocheilus lecontei tessellatus)

The longnosed snake is found throughout the range of this work. They are a small snake, seldom found over 24 inches. They have a habit of exuding blood from their cloacae and smearing it on you while writhing wildly when they are first picked up. I have known several herpers who have put them down, thinking that they had been run over. In captivity they calm down very nicely. About half of them will feed readily on mice, but many remain lizard eaters.
There is some variation in coloration. The ones that I find in the Big Bend region seem to be more of a "roseate" color. Other populations have stronger black and red coloration, while others are more faded or have more white.
This specimen is from Terrell County, about ten miles east of Dryden.

These next two will show how much the colors can vary, even within an area. These two snakes were found in SE Andrews county, about 10 miles away from each other. In one spot, I find them with heavy yellow and low red, in the other I find them with nice black and red.