Elaphe bairdi

Baird's ratsnakes are found from the hill country through the Big Bend and the Davis Mountains. In the eastern part of their range, there are indications that they may intergrade with Texas ratsnakes (E. o. lindheimer.)
They have been taken out of the obsoleta species group, although many of the herpers who encounter them in the wild disagree with this reclassification.
The juveniles from the eastern part of the range have reddish or brownish blotches, while the juveniles from the Davis Mtns. have pinstriping without blotches. The adults from the eastern part of the range tend to be slightly greenish, the ones from the middle part of the range tend to be grayish and the ones from the western part of the range tend to be copperish.

This was the first juvenile I had found in the Davis Mountains. When I first saw it, I was sure that I had found an alterna, until I looked at its head.

This yearling bairdi is from Hwy. 277, Val Verde County. Notice the difference from the Davis. Mtn. juvenile. It has reddish blotches and lacks much of the "filagree" patterning.

This bairdi is from the north end of Musquiz Canyon in the Davis Mountains.

This bairdi was collected on Juno Road, north of Comstock in central Val Verde County.