This view is looking north on the Pandale Dirt from the top of Blair's hill, about two miles north of Langtry..
     The area appears to be fairly level, but it is really up and down, somewhat rolling. A bit of the road can be seen in the distance in the center, a bit above center.
     At the end of the visible road in the foreground there is a hill which drops a few hundred feet. Many years ago I found a small light phase Blair's morph just as the road started downward. While I was picking it up I noticed another vehicle at the bottom of the hill and two people outside it on the road. I waited for them to drive up to my location and they asked what I had found. I told them, and one of them commenced beating on the other and yelling "You %*##!*#@, you &**#@@^&#. While we were stopped looking at that garter snake, he was picking up a Blair's. If you handn't spent so much time looking at that $*&%*#*@ garter snake, we would have found that blair's."
     They were still going at it when I drove off. Luck of the draw and a question of being in the right place at the right time.