There are four types of skunks found in the range of this work.
Conepatus mesoleucus

The common hog-nose skunk is found throughout the counties in this work. It is a rather large skunk and, I think, a handsome animal. They are quite nicely tempered for a skunk. I have handled young while the mother was nearby and have had no problems. I cannot remember ever having one go defensive on me without provocation.

Sorry it isn't a better shot, but this will give you an idea of why they are calle "hog-nosed" skunks. It was barely sticking its nose out of from behind a rock.

Mephitis mephitis

The striped skunk is found throughout the state. It is rather variable, some specimens having very slight stripes, and some having almost solid white backs where the stripes have merged.
This one is in its warning mode, telling me that it is big and bad and not to mess with it. Instances such as this make me wish that I were using a lens longer than 90 mm.

Mephitis macruora

The hooded skunk is found in the Big Bend, Davis Mountains and a couple of adjoining counties. It is not often seen. This specimen is a young one from Jeff Davis County.

Spilogale gracilis

The western spotted skunk is found throughout the range of this work.