Lepus californicus
These wonderful animals are common throughout the state. In many areas they are actually a road hazard. I have seen as many as 100 or more in just a few miles of driving.

They will eat almost any grass, cactus or shrub in the area.

Jackrabbits will frequently run ahead of your vehicle at night, swevering off the road at the last moment, and then whizzing back to the other side of the road. As a result, they are probably the most common road-kill animal seen in the state, particularly in the Trans-Pecos.

Still, their comical appearance makes them an interesting night-time companion when herping. I once approached a pair of jackrabbits standing on the shoulder of the road while driving slowly. When I got close to them, one did a double flip across the hood of the car, landing in the road on the other side of the car.