This view is looking west on highway 90 from about 3.5 miles east of Langtry. Halfway down this hill is where I saw my first live "Blair's". Lee Box had just found it and was looking at it in his headlights.
      I asked him what kind of snake it was, and he told me that it was a Blair's kingsnake. I asked him how to find them, and he told me to drive along the road and look for something black.
      I had driven through this area for three years without seeing either snakes or hunters and had written it off as not that good an area. Boy, was I wrong. The next night I caught a light phase Blair's female a bit west of Langtry. The next evening, waiting for dark, we put her on the dirt at Chamerlain's gas station with Lee's male and they immediately went to it. Six eggs resulted from this union.
Needless to say, I was hooked.