(Coleonyx sp.)

There are two species of geckoes found in the range of this work.
(Coleonyx brevis)
The banded gecko ranges throughout the area covered by this work. At times they are fairly common on the roads at night. They can be found by rock-flipping during cool weather and before the temperatures get high during the summer.
Adult C. brevis from Langtry, Val Verde County

Juvenile C. brevis from Langtry, Val Verde County

(Coleonyx reticulatus)
The Big Bend gecko is found only within a few miles of the Rio Grande in the Big Bend region. I have seen a fair amount on dry evenings, but most herpers report seeing them more frequently on rainy nights, particularly near the big hill on the river road. They are a neat lizard. One of their traits is to do a tail-flipping similar to that of a cat.
NOTE: Coleonys reticulatus is protected in Texas.

This specimen is from Black Gap Road, southeastern Brewster County

Cute head on these little things.