Langtry is where most of us started collecting alterna (or, as they were known in those days, Blair's.) Langtry is located off highway 90 in the western part of Val Verde County, about 60 miles west of Del Rio.. The population of the town runs from 17 to 30. The current population is 21
The main point of interest in the town is the Judge Roy Bean visitor center, a state run facility open at no cost. It is a good place to get a free Texas road map. There is one gas station which closes about 6PM, with prices for gas which are usually 20 cents higher than in Del Rio. The economic base of the town has been wool and mohair which, in recent years, has fallen into the basement.
There are a few small units for rent at Bill Chamberlain's. Most prefer to camp out or to drive the miles to Del Rio, Comstock or Sanderson. There is also a restaurant which is currently open.
Most of Langtry is visible in this photo.