Aphonopelma spp.

The common tarantula is quite common throughout the range of this work. The black ones frequently seen on the roads are usually males. The females are usually found in or near their holes.
This is a female photographed on Hwy. 277, Val Verde county.

This tarantula was found in Winkler County in the late afternoon. As soon as it was touched, it went on its back and put its fangs forward. It was an impressive display, and kept us from bothering it further.

Aphonopelma moderatum

The Rio Grande gold taratnula is seldom seen. The adult males are difficult to tell from the common tarantula. As with many of the tarantulas, they can look like one sex as juveniles and then, after a shed, become another sex.
This specimen is from near Langtry, western Val Verde County.