The giant centipede is fairly common throughout this area. It can be seen on the rocks or on the road. They are usually in constant motion, pursuing prey in a zig-zag manner. They usually feed on small insects, but have been observed dining on lizards and small snakes.
Interestingly, they seem to be the only food pursued by the Devil's River black-headed snake, which as a very slender snake, about 1/4 the width of the giant centipede.
They are quite strong for their size and do not like to be handled. Should you feel the need to pick one up, do so with a pair of forceps or tongs. I am told that, should they grab flesh with their sharply pointed legs, they can leave some nasty welts. I am also told that they are venomous.
In captivity they require a slightly moist area, as they can dessicate rapidly. A shallow bowl of water or damp sponge is necessary. I usually feed them crickets and moths, with an occasional pink mouse.
The black part, which looks like the head, is actually the tail. In other areas, they are black with reddish head and tail.