This photograph gives an exellent view of the terrain around Sanderson. This picture was taken from the top of the big cuts nine miles north on Hwy. 285.
     The herper in the photograph is John Fraser of Kansas. Notice the headlamp, battery pack, "snake chaps" and the bag looped on his belt. Aside from not having a pair of tongs in evidence, this boy is ready for ANYTHING!!
     I'm not sure why the chaps. Maybe he is auditioning for "The Village People." Heck, the only venomous snakes in that area are blacktail, diamondback and rock rattlers, and copperheads. Maybe he doesn't want the mesquite, acacia, cholla, catclaw and other plants of the area to mess up his legs. They can be much more of a hazard than snakebite.

Closeups of the equipment