This view is looking into Eagle Nest Canyon, located just a bit east of Langtry. It used to be called Mile Canyon, not sure why, and not sure why the name was changed, other than it is more colorful.
Langtry can be seen at the top of the picture.
In my younger and more energetic days, and filled with ignorance of the area, I climbed down these cliffs to see what was there, found nothing, and then climbed back up. I didn't realize that, if I went into Langtry and drove down toward the cliffs, I could easily walk in.
On the other side of Hwy. 90, at the head of the canyon, are three pools in the rocks. Except during severe drought they usually have water in them. In the "good old days", before credit cards from the folks, we used to hunt all night and then sleep in the shade of a bridge or rock cut. The pools at the head of the canyon were a great place to clean off in the morning. The larger pool was good for a wash and rinse, the medium pool to wash your hair and rinse, and the smallest one to rinse your hair. By the next day they were settled out and ready again.
It was a spectacular bathtub, since the largest pool was just a few feet from the dropoff into the canyon.