Del Rio

Del Rio is situated in southeastern Val Verde County on the Mexican Border. The population is growing. The current population estimate is around 40,000. The surrounding areas probably bring the population to 50,000. Ciudad Acuna, Mexico is only a few minutes drive. Many herpers enjoy taking a break in Acuna to dine and drink at Crosby's or La Macarena. The margaritas can be lethal. There are some bargains to be had, but shop around and haggle for the best price.
The economic mainstays of the area are the wool and mohair industry, Laughlin Air Force Base and tourism. The tourism is centered around the access to Mexico and Amistad Reservoir, a joint US-Mexico project completed in the early 70's. Amistad provides some excellent fishing. Black bass (largemouth to yankees) and striped bass (attaining over 30 lbs.) are aplenty. Some other points of interest are the Val Verde Winery, which produces a few palatable wines, and the Judge Roy Bean burial site.
The water supply comes from the San Felipe Springs. The overflow from the springs flows through San Felipe Park, located on Hwy. 90 east of town. This is a good place to take a dip. San Felipe also has a pond which contains several types of turtles, Texas cichlids and nutria. It was at one time a watering hole for the U.S. Army Camel Corps.
There are plenty of motels, with daily rates ranging from $17.95 to $60+. Many of the motels offer weekly rates. There is a small mall and a movie theater (which is now re-opened after a one year renovation.) There are numerous restaurants for all tastes but the chi-chi.
I could not think of a totally representative picture of Del Rio, so this will have to do. This is a view north on Hwy. 90.