A view of the Pecos River bridge on highway 90.

I find these signs rather whimsical, since the drop to the river (or what used to be the river) is almost 300 feet.

There used to be good fishing where there is now green brush growing . Over the past few years the Pecos has become heavily silted, particularly in the last half mile before it joins the Rio Grande. The old highway 90 is visible coming down the hill on the left side of the picture. Shortly after the high bridge was opened, a massive flash flood took out the existing low bridge. Even a flash flood of that magnitude may not be sufficient to wash away all the silt which has accumulated. The silt has been backing up about 150 - 200 feet per year over the last five years. At the mouth of the river the silt is at least twenty feet deep, where the water used to be deeper than that.. The steps in the foreground used to go down to a fishing dock. Now it descends to brushland. The high water mark can be seen on the canyon walls, as well as on the right bridge column.