The blimp is situated off highway 90, about 20 miles west of Marfa. Actually it is not a blimp, but a big baloon which looks like a blimp. It is raised and lowered on a cable. It is used by the Border Patrol to electronically monitor the happenings toward the border.

The blimp is operated by the USAF, but is for the benefit of the Border Patrol as a drug interdiction tool. However, it cannot be raised in high winds and is seldom in the air. Also, it has a downward-looking radar which is basically ineffective. I am told that it is responsible for absolutely NO drug finds or busts.

I am further told that it was pushed by a couple of federal and state politicians who are either on the payroll, or getting paid by the company which supplied the blimp.

It seems to be a grand boondoggle and waste of the taxpayers money.