Baker's crossing is located about 21 miles north of Hwy. 90 on SR 163 (Juno Road.) It is called Baker's Crossing because it is the location of the Baker's ranch. The foliage in this picture is brown because the picture was taken in February.
      The road in this area is mostly narrow two lane and it is not safe to stop on the road. There are a lot of curves and dips making it impossible to see traffic very far off, and the traffic pops up rather quickly. Also, the tire testers from the Goodyear proving ground in San Angelo use the road as a test area, turning around at the rest area south of Baker's.
     It is a good area for Baird's ratsnakes, rock rattlesnakes, copperheads, alterna, Trans-Pecos ratsnakes and blacktail rattlesnakes. The water in the Devil's River is usually quite clear and flows nicely. There are Texas cichlids and alligator gar in the area.