(Rana sp.)

Rana berlandieri

The Rio Grande leopard frog is one of two Rana found in this range. It never ceases to amaze me how frogs can be found throughout such an arid environment. I have seen them on dirt roads when it was completely dry.
They are found throughout the range of this work.
I have found them sitting on dirt roads in Val Verde County when it was completely dry and no rain was in sight. However, they are more common following and during rains.
This specimen is from Black Gap Rd. in the Big Bend area of Brewster County.

Rana catesbeiana

Bullfrogs are found across the state, but are absent from many areas. They are dependant on permanent bodies of water of a decent size. Unlike the Rio Grande leopard frog, they are not adapted to surviving without water for extended periods.
These are the largest of our frogs, growing up to eight inches. They are quite powerful.
Although the literature I have does not show them from the Big Bend region, I have seen bullfrogs near the Rio Grande in Presidio County.
This specimen is from the southwestern corner of Taylor County.