Hyla arenicolor

Ranging primarily from southern Utah and Colorado south into much of Arizona and western New Mexico, the Texas poulations are disjunct and found primarily in the Davis and Chisos Mountains of the Big Bend region.
H. arenicolor is the only treefrog found in the Trans-Pecos region.
Most of the canyon treefrogs that I have found have been in the Davis Mountains, where they seem to be quite numerous, particularly near permanent water
It is a small frog, generally 1 1/2 - 2 1/4 inches. The color is usually brownish, although I have found quite a few specimens with a fair amount of green on them. The males have a blackish throat to distinuish them from the females.
The seem to breed mostly during the summer rains. In September I have found numerous tailed babies on the rocks and in and by the water in the Davis Mountains. In Arizona I have seen adults clinging to the rocks during the day, with their tails immersed in water. I have seen the same thing with the babies in the Davis Mountains, but not with the adults.